How to become a beauty influencer and turning make-up lewks into artworks

Meet Poppy…

From winged eyeliner to Kardashian-level contouring, doing make-up really is an artform. Make-up artist and beauty influencer Poppy Locks is taking things even further, though, and creating actual artworks on her face.

From a gilled-up sea siren to a realistic-looking stack of pancakes and even the Burn Book from Mean Girls (so fetch!), her Instagram and TikTok feeds are full of incredible inspo for the most extra make-up you can imagine – and we’re here for it. After one scroll, we guarantee you’ll be as obsessed as we are and tempted to head out in public with a giant unicorn on your cheek.

The 26-year-old started out as a MUA for Benefit Cosmetics back in 2016 alongside beauty blogging, but her online career took off and her side hustle became her main one. Now she spends her time dreaming up eye-popping makeup designs that look like they belong in a gallery. The masterpieces she creates range from cute emoji-inspired looks and movie characters to outlandish scenes of cherubs on her cheeks and toothy deep-sea wildlife.

Now we feel embarrassed for struggling to do a smokey eye.

This is what Poppy told us:

How did you get into the makeup industry? 

I actually got a job on a makeup counter, and I’ve been doing make up ever since. So I’ve been doing make up for 5 years and creative makeup for 2.

Which of your lewks have you been proudest of? 

I love really detailed looks but one of my favourites is when I drew a lily on my face.

What career progression is there in makeup artistry?

There is so many options but it depends what you’re in to. 

Are tools or talent more important in this industry?

I think as long as your passionate your talent will show, tools do help but you don’t need everything to start out.

What do you do when your creation is going wrong?

I try my hardest to follow through with a look, but I don’t pleasure myself, I do have days where I take everything off and start again another day.

What advice would you give to aspiring MUA’s?

The best advice that I can give for someone who wants to do make up is just start practice is your best friend and don’t compare yourself to others.