London’s getting a Batman-inspired restaurant

If this restaurant is everything that they say it is, then this city needs it…

If you’ve ever wished you could dive into the DC universe, you’re in for a treat. From 10 August, London’s Soho will be home to Park Row (named after an area in the fictional Gotham City), a collection of five restaurants and bars themed around comic book characters. Though the main influence seems to be Batman.

Part-owned by Warner Bros., the 18,000 square foot foodie venue is tucked away in the basement of a Grade II listed Art Deco building. Upon arrival, guests will descend into a space designed to look like the Batcave, before entering Pennyworth’s (Bruce Wayne’s butler’s surname, if you didn’t know), where the menu features British classics. There’s also a Japanese omakase bar inspired by playful villain Harley Quinn; a dining room based on Catwoman, where you eat surrounded by reproductions of famous stolen artworks; and a swanky Speakeasy called Old Gotham City.

The real hero of Park Row, though, is sure to be the 20-seat Monarch Theatre. Dubbed an “immersive dining experience”, guests will tuck into an 11-course tasting menu based on DC’s best-known characters, while surrounded by 360-degree projection mapping that shows DC comics content.

The theatrically presented menu will be served over three hours, in two parts, and includes a “poisonous” parfait mushroom, indulgent scallops with oyster and caviar, and edible jewellery. At around £195 per person, though, one of your superpowers better be having a bank account full of guap.