It’s January, we’ve just been hit with another lockdown, could the start of 2021 have been any more of a let-down? While we have news for you – brush off those January blues  because your favourite juice brand is now available direct to your door!


Back in lockdown 1, we were asked ‘Hey JUICEBURST, how are we supposed to get our hands on your delicious tasting beverages now that our schools/colleges/uni’s have shut?’ and ‘Hey, JUICEBURST – my local shop sells your Orange juice, but what I’d REALLY like on this abnormally sunny Spring day is one of those refreshingly Raspberry Lemonades you do’.


Well we’d like to let you know WE HEAR YOU, and we’ve spent the last 6 months working away in the background to bring you THE ENTIRE RANGE OF JUICEBURST FLAVOURS, available online and delivered to the comfort of your own home, so you can get your juicy 1/5 a day flavour fix, whatever 2021 throws at you!


The only question now is which flavour to order first?!