This epic Banksy exhibition has opened in London

A rarely seen collection of works by the most famous anonymous street artist has arrived in the British capital

It seems fitting that London’s new Banksy exhibition, showcasing works by a man who never asks for permission to display his art, is 100% unauthorised. That’s right, the rebellious British street artist (supposedly) had nothing to do with putting together ‘The Art of Banksy’, which is the largest touring exhibition of his work in the world.

Until 21 November 2021, more than 70 pieces are on display in a huge warehouse in Covent Garden. The politically driven artworks – all on loan from private collectors – were mainly created between the years 1997 and 2008. Among them are iconic works such as Girl and Balloon and Rude Coppers.

London’s new Banksy exhibition art gallery


The British capital isn’t so special, though – the collection has already made its way around Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Auckland, Toronto, Miami, Gothenburg and Sydney. It was due to make its UK debut in April 2020, but the arrival of the pandemic and the fact that the street art exhibition is (ironically) indoors meant that it had to be postponed. We’re pretty sure it’s worth the wait.

London’s new Banksy exhibition art