You can now use TikTok to apply for jobs

The video-sharing platform is no longer just for arm-heavy dance challenges and relatable memes

Yep, you read that correctly. Instead of faffing around formatting your CV or trying to fit an explanation of why you’d be the GOAT employee into a one-page cover letter, you can flex for potential employers in a 30-second video.

It’s all part of the new TikTok Resumes scheme and is as simple as it sounds. Job-seeking users just need to make a video of themselves chatting through their skills and past experience, then post it to their profile using the hashtag #TikTokResumes.

The programme has its own dedicated website, where you can browse job openings from participating companies (which currently include Forever 21, the NBA, POPSUGAR and the WWE). To apply, you fill out a super short questionnaire and provide the link to your video CV.

The site also includes various tips and tricks on creating the perfect TikTok resume – in video form, of course.

The programme is currently being piloted in the US but, if successful, it’s likely it will expand worldwide and we’re here for it.

Tell us applying for jobs just got easier without telling us applying for jobs just got easier.